Vom Hügel - Organic Flowers


Organic flowers - decoration -workshops - garden café

We love flowers, so our days start on the flower field and on the meadows. Each bunch of flowers starts as a seed grain - loved and cared, selected with care, finally made with love.


Guided tour through the garden and the workshop

I’ll take you into my garden, tell you about my project, my life and my organic flower field. We’ll walk through the meadows with their fruit trees and on the flower field. In the tunnel we’ll see a combination of the most beautiful organic flowers and rare species of organic vegetables.


Guided tour of about 90 minutes including special advice for the cultivation of your own organic cut flowers.

Adults € 8,-, groups € 200,-, student groups € 100,-


 Short workshop: Guided garden tour including instructions for making wreaths, binding seasonal bunches from organic flowers and material collected in the wood and the meadows...

2.5 hours including tour and instructions

15,- per person, € 300,- per group


 Garten-Lust -Fest (festival): when our field is all in flowers, romantic meadows will be a special delight. In the café you may try food from organic products.



Vom Hügel

Mag. Margrit De Colle

8322 Eichkögl

Erbersdorf 1

GPS-Daten: 47.019912; 15.773554


M +43 (0)650 / 42 29 071



Opening times

Friday 8am to 6pm and by appointment



€ 8,00 Adults € 8, children free

€ 200,00 groups






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