Volkshaus-Lendpark-Mauritiuspark Frohnleiten


This parkwas planned by Alfred Zenz between 1985 and 1990 on an area of 1.2 hectares during the constructionof the nearby

hydro-electric power plant.

The park’s centreis formed by a circle ofthe universe on three levels: twocircles of dry stone walls, theplanets of the visible universesymbolised by stone cubes in a sand bed andan X-chromosome hour glass paved in a star shape in all wind directions.

There arealso ponds, promenades, a children’s playground and a sun-bathing lawn.

Plants toleratingthe Central European climatehave been collected from all over the world.

Meanwhile someof them havegrown into real trees.

In 2000 the townof Frohnleiten was awarded the firstprize at the European “Entente Florale”.


Stadtgemeinde Frohnleiten

Brucker Straße 2

8130 Frohnleiten


T +43 (3126) 5043-0


Opening times

Open all year



Free admission
Guided tours on previous notice

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