Water Lily and Wetlands Park


The main idea of this park is a collection of more than 90 frost-resistant water lily varieties, even tropical blue varieties and Asian iris.

The nursery and park area dating back to the 1950s also display rare trees such as taxodium, giant sequoia and ironwood.

There is a romantic pond of a surface of 1,000m² nearby.

Water lilies can compare to roses both in history, mysticism and fragrance.

The Japanese say that water is the soul of a garden and gives man peace and quiet.


Seerosen- und Wassergarten Park

Mag. Angelika Kern

Einödhofweg 20

8042 Graz

GPS-Daten: 47.058677, 15.498377


T +43 (316) 46 16 51

F + 43 (3179) 32 32 -20

M +43 (680) 5 580 054


Opening times

Von Mai bis September

Mo. bis Fr. 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr mit Pflanzenverkauf, Samstag nach Voranmeldung



Gartenlust Wochenende

3,50/Person, Kinder frei


Führungen gegen Voranmeldung:

€ 4,00/Person, Kinder frei

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