Park of the Palace of Eggenberg


The palace park presents a 19th century picturesque scenery rarely preserved in Austria in such a pure form.

The formal baroque garden was converted into a still originally existing English landscape garden after 1810.

The "Rose Hill" datingback to 1833 is a real treat with preciousroses contrasting with dark conifers.

It was restoredin detail in 2008 and reveals its fullbeauty in June.
The Eggenberg Planetary Garden reflects the old doctrineof signatures in a playful way.

Each planethas its "children", among the human beings as well as amongplants, colours and shapes.

Playing withthese traditional ideas the architect Helga Maria Tornquist designed sophisticated garden spaces

 underthe sign of the sevenclassical planets.


Universalmuseum Joanneum

Schloss Eggenberg

Eggenberger Allee 90

8020 Graz

GPS-Daten: 47.073882,15.391327


T +43 (316) 8017-9532

F + 43 (316) 8017-9555


Opening times

Von April bis Oktober

Täglich 08:00h bis 19:00h


Von November bis März

Täglich von 08:00h bis 17:00h


Am 1. Jänner (Neujahrstag)

Von 10:00h bis 17:00h



€ 2,00 Erwachsene

€ 1,00 Schüler/innen, Lehrlinge, Studierende unter 27 Jahren, Präsenz- und Zivildiener

€ 14,00 Jahreskarte Erwachsene

€ 7,00 Jahreskarte Schüler/innen, Lehrlinge, Studierende unter 27 Jahren

Kinder unter 6 Jahren frei

{latitude: "47.073914", longitude: "15.391717", id:"", standort: "Schloss Eggenberg - Schlosspark und Gärten", adresse: "Eggenberger Allee 90", plz: "8020", stadt: "Graz", url: ""}