Garden Hotel


The first Garden Hotel Ochensberger welcomes you in St. Rupprecht an der Raab.

The hotel isan oasis of wellness, combining a carefully designed four-star hotel complex surrounded by gardens providingthe guests with energy andpower.

Our guestscan start the day witha walk through the apple tree orchardin full blossom, enjoy the lushgreen power garden and regain theirinner balance in the "balance garden".
Even in the seminar and wellness areasof the hotelthe topic"GARDEN" is alwayspresent: open-air swimming in the natural swimming pond.

The power garden was extended by morethan 1,000m², including a wooden terrace above the water, a straw-thatched pavilion and silent placesat the pondand a Kneipp track.


Garten-Hotel Ochensberger

Astrid und Peter Ochensberger

Untere Hauptstraße 181

8181 St. Ruprecht/Raab

GPS-Daten: 47.298289; 15.591719


T +43 (3178) 51 32-0


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