Park of Life 2000


The basic ideaof the gardenphilosopher Alfred Zenz wasto divide the garden of11,000m² in Raaba into various garden worlds.

The visitor caneasily conceive these worlds whichcomprise lots of small garden areas, front garden, court and kitchen gardens,wetlands, rock garden and shadow gardenswith rhododendron, azaleas, ferns, spice herbs, tracksand various levels.
This means that the visitormay find elements for their ownprivate gardens with a large number and variety of plants.
The gardener Alfred Zenz pointed out that in this park the greatvariety of species shouldn't be reduced but rather extended.

Many of the particularly rare trees and bushesare already 50 to 60 years oldand have been grown fromthe gardener's own breeding, thereforethe name "Lebenspark 2000" of the Raaba community - in the planner's andcreative initiator's honour, Mr Alfred Zenz.
Visitors will be surprised by thenumber of varieties of magnolia,moutan peonies, flowering shrubs, such as daylilies, iris,hostas, euphorbiaceae, prairie gay feathers, aralia californica, but also cacti and rare varieties of southern European dry zones.



Marktgemeinde Raaba-Grambach

Josef-Krainer-Straße 40

8074 Raaba


T +43 (316) 40 11 36 0

Opening times

Ganzjährig frei zugänglich

Führungen durch Herrn Alfred Zenz nach Voranmeldung möglich!




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