Point of Harmony


Feel andenjoy the endless abundance of nature displayedin this garden in the course ofthe seasons.

Our paradiseof 5,000m² is a synergy of ideas,yearnings, materials, plants, creativity and the loveof nature.
The soft slope is structured in variable garden areas and terraces, a accomplished piece of art.
Our garden has become an Arcadianplace of wellness - our personal point of harmony, a continuous chance of our owncreative expression.
It is morethan digging, converting, planting, cutting and cultivating,modifying, relaxing in the shade orin the sun...

It is a place to regainpower and to develop a deep understanding for nature.

We wouldlike to inviteyou to walk through various areas, to discoveryour favourite sitting area

and to experience the continuing change of beauty throughoutthe year.




Roswitha und Franz Riedl

Tobis 113

8504 Preding


M +43 (676) 73 62 554

M +43 (676) 50 24 485


Opening times

Garten-Lust Fest am 04. u. 05.06.,

von 10.00 - 18.00 Uhr



€ 7,00 pro Person

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