Pöllauberg Theme Gardens


The community of Pöllauberg created some very special attractions with a great sense of aesthetics and love for detail:
11 different, free accessible theme gardens around the pilgrimage church that give the visitor an idea of the culture and agriculture of the nature park.
Visitors of the "Schnapsgarten", for example, needn't have to tasted the local schnaps to get tipsy from distorting mirrors, ground humps and bouncing tables.
In the herb garden visitors learn to know about traditional kitchen and medical herbs from our farm gardens and meadows.

Roses have always been a symbol of love - so romantic experiences in the rose garden are guaranteed.



Tourismusverband Naturpark Pöllauer Tal

Sissy Sichart

Schloss 1

8225 Pöllau bei Hartberg


T +43 (3335) 42 10

F + 43 (3335) 42 35


Opening times

15-April to 15. October



Free admission

Guided tours on previous appointment

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