Die Amtmann - Shop, natural gardenand café


The natural gardenon a south-oriented hillsidein the southern Styrian wine-growing area is divided in severalsections: a field with various mints,

a garden withtoxic medical plants, traditional herbs of monasteries, kitchen herbs,

dyeing plantsand many more all in a setting of wild fruit andwild roses.

There iseven a crater bed for heat-lovingplants, like varieties of sage, thyme, rosemary and other rare herbs and

under oldfruit trees visitors will discover patches of fragrantroses, flowers, varieties of grassand lavender everywhere.

In the shopand café visitors can taste the culinary treatsof the garden.


Die Amtmann -

Genussladen, Naturgarten und Hofcafe

Franziska und Markus Skoff

Kranachberg 15

8462 Gamlitz

GPS-Daten: 47.298289; 15.591719


T +43 (3453) 21 654

M +43 (664) 95 78 844


Opening times

From Easter to Christmas

10am - 6pm, Sunday until 3pm

Closed on Wednesdays



Free admission

{latitude: "46.713120", longitude: "15.506196", id:"", standort: "Die Amtmann - Genussladen, Naturgarten und Hofcafe", adresse: "Kranachberg 15", plz: "8462", stadt: "Gamlitz", url: ""}