The Desert Garden


Our garden displays a great variety of plants in extravagant shapes and colours resistant to dry climates. Apart from desert plants like frost-resistant cacti, yucca and bright delosperma there are further theme areas such as a barbecue site, a shadow garden as well as a moor bed garden.


Our special treat: sales of rare plants




The Desert Garden Gußmagg

Birgit und Gerhard Gußmagg

Siegersdorf 14

8222 St. Johann bei Herberstein

GPS-Daten: N 47.211774; E 15.785253


M +43 (0)664 / 20 43 856



Opening hours

Contact us for an appointment

1.  January - 31. December



Donations are appreciated

€ 5,00 for groups of more than 6 persons (Incl. € 2,- plants voucher /person)





{latitude: "47.211774", longitude: "15.785253", id:"", standort: "Der Wüstengarten", adresse: "Siegersdorf 14", plz: "8222", stadt: "St. Johann bei Herberstein", url: ""}