The Photographer`s Garden - an exotic city garden in Graz


The love for foreign cultures, photography and laying out a garden with exotic plants is obvious in this place. A number of rare species have been grown by the owners themselves and have adapted very well to local conditions, such as Pinus bungeana, Cunninghamia lanceolata and zingiberaceae. Inspired by the Asian attitude of wabi-sabi this garden reflects the beauty of the less striking plants and the transience of nature.



The Photographer’s Garden

Ernst und Ingrid Zerche

Schrottenbachgasse 1

8042 Graz

GPS-Daten: 47.047700; 15.469680


M +43 (0)664 / 91 34 723



Opening hours

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€ 3,00 Adults

Free for children under 6





{latitude: "47.047700", longitude: "15.469680", id:"", standort: "Der Garten des Fotografen", adresse: "Schrottenbachgasse 1", plz: "8042", stadt: "Graz", url: ""}