The Botanical Gardens of Karl-Franzens University Graz


The Botanical Garden serves as an open-air laboratory to do research on plants and fungi,

as well as to study the interaction of plants with other organisms.

The total area covers 2.8 hectares where approximately 3,500 varieties of 200 species are grown.

In the greenhouses visitors can move from various climate zones, such as tropical zones of equatorial climate, subtropical climate (succulent and moderately tempered house) and a moderately warm climate with winter rains.

The Botanical Garden is home to numerous animals, fungi, mosses and wild plants, some of them were even first described here.

The old greenhouse from 1889 built by Ignaz Gridl (not used at the moment) is a national cultural monument.

As a park the Botanical Garden is part of the green spaces of the city of Graz.

As a museum it is a remarkable cultural institution.


Botanischer Garten Graz

Dr. Ch. Berg

Schubertstraße 59

8010 Graz

GPS-Daten: N47°04‘55.1“ E15°27‘28.4“


T +43 (316) 38 05 747


Opening times

Greenhouses and open air gardens:

Daily 8am-2:30pm

15 May - 15 September 8am-4:30pm

Closed between 24 December and 6 January



Frei ohne Führung

€ 4,00 Erwachsene mit Führung

€ 2,00 Kinder mit Führung

€ 30,00 Kleingruppen (bis 8 Personen inkl. Führung)

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