Annis Kreativgarten


At the bottom of Lutschberger Weingebirge there is a garden which displays all its various facets throughout the year. Among old trees are growing herbs and interesting weeds as well as flowers and shrubs. The visitor will also be impressed by historic farm household goods and decorative textiles.



Annis Kreativgarten

Anna Stifter

Bahnhofgasse 2

7361 Lutzmannsburg

GPS-Daten: 47.462430, 16.643249


M +43 (0)664 / 65 309 65



Opening times

Only possible with advance notification!



Voluntary donation






{latitude: "47.462430", longitude: "16.643249", id:"", standort: "Annis Kreativgarten", adresse: "Bahnhofgasse 2", plz: "7361", stadt: "Lutzmannsburg", url: ""}