Garden Cult and Bed Whispers


Angelika Ertl's garden south ofGraz is a form of choreography, a mixture of 60- year-old grown trees andfresh vegetables presented with a lot of newdesign elements.
Everything is dancing in the rhythm of time - a 50-year-old tree garden danceswith the Bale Bodong, an Indonesian teahouse, the raised bed.

Mystical masksmade of coconutshell are dancing with silverspruce wood, grass beds withspecial bosks, e.g. sequoia, paperbark maple, Judas trees, Weymouth pine andpinus parviflora and rhododendron, and hosta witha 60-year-old magnolia.
In order to pass on our knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for gardening, we decided toestablish "Angelika'sGartenakademie"

where participantscan acquire knowledge about biological gardening,

creative gardendesign, develop creativityin wild gardening or floristic know-how.



Angelika Ertls „TANZENDER“ Garten

Ing. Angelika Ertl

Warnhauserstraße 10

8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz

GPS-Daten -

Breitengrad: 47.0126874, Längengrad: 15.4445312


M +43 (676) 84 62 1184


Opening times

Von Juni bis Oktober

Für Gruppen nach telefonischer Vereinbarung



€ 8,00 pro Person (ab 20 Personen)


{latitude: "47.0126874", longitude: "15.4445312", id:"002", standort: "Angelika Ertls TANZENDER Garten - Gartenkultur & Beetgefülster", adresse: "Warnhauserstraße 10", plz: "8073", stadt: "Feldkirchen bei Graz", url: ""}