The fascination of the colourful world of well-designed gardens is a wonderful experience. We have listed the most beautiful gardens that open their doors to surprise and amaze the visitors. The list comprisesprivate gardens designed with love,valuable public gardens and parks,professionally plannedcompany gardens and informative botanical gardens. Both groupsand individual visitors are welcome.



For groupsplanning to discover more weare able to offer arrangementsfor day visitsbut also schedules comprisingseveral days.


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Enjoy Garten-Lust!


Sissy Sichart

Obfrau Verein Garten-Lust

8171 St.Kathrein/Off, Zeil 188



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The associationis a platform for first-class private and public gardens in order to arouseand to encourageinterest in gardening and to makegardens accessible to the public. The target is to establish “Garten-Lust” in Austria asa brand label for a beautiful garden.